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We build consciousness into the systems helping humans augment their intelligence. Bringing them comfort.

SETIENT LTD. is an UK based IT services and consulting company, specializing in accelerating Artificial Intelligence Journey through establishing data connectivity, transformation and model life cycle management. We work with an ecosystem of open source and cloud providers to develop industry leading solutions that enable businesses, transformation and growth. Since 2019 we have enabled multiple businesses in finance and public sector domains in their transformation journey, by providing cutting edge solutions. Our dedication, expertise and ability to solve problems faster, has been recognised by the customers. Today SETIENT is a partner of choice for organizations who are at various stages of their Transformation Journey.

Leadership Team

Prashant Bhalesain
Founder & CEO

Prashant has been lead multiple transformation initiatives for pretigious clients in Public sector and Banking domains. He holds a masters degree from India's prestigious technology institute, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.