Setient Capabilities.

Setient is mainly focused on delivering solutions that use Machine Learning, Big Data and Cloud technologies. We are specialised in security analytics, real-time event streaming and model deployment platforms, especially in Public Sector and Banking domains. AWS, GCP, Kafka, NiFi, MLflow, Kubernetes, Dockers, Sagemaker, Jupyter Notebooks, Tensorflow, Terraform, jenkins, concourse-ci are some of the words that would definitely help you connect with us.

Architecture Consultancy

We mainly focus on providing architectural consultancy on building solutions using Machine Learning, Big Data and Cloud Technologies. We have built solutions on-prem as well, if that is the choice of deployment.

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We are one the very few organizations who are experienced in emerging field of MLOps. We would help you define strategy, product roadmap, architecture and implementaiton of a MLOps function withing your organization.

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We would help you develop, deploy, manage solutions using big data and cloud technologies.

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