Applying Artificial Intelligence to Life.

With our expert knowledge of Data Integration, Data Lakes and Model Lifecycle Management.

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Data In Silos To Actionable Insights.

We help orgnizations turning their vision into value by freeing their data and making it available to their stakeholders with actionable insights.


Leading The Digital Transformation.

Keeping up with latest available technologies, helps us solve problems faster.

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Cloud Technologies

Cloud economics is helping organization bring security, scalability and resilence faster and cheaper. We help them migrate their exsting solutions to cloud either using cloud native or cloud vendor agnostic technologies.

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Big Data

We bring extensive experience in building Big Data solutions in cyber security, banking, retail, security, domains.

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Data Integration

Knowing what you know is a first step towards transformation. Integrating data repositories helps you build organizational intelligence.

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Data Engineering

Discovering patterns is a second step towards transformation. Keeping the data in an intelligible and usable form helps us discover the patterns.

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Data Science

Once the data is available, data science teams could use supervised or unsupervised algorithms to discover new patterns and intelligence from the historical data.

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Model Lifecycle Management

Effectiveness of Artificial intelligence depends on well managed data, code and trained model. We build MLOps pipeline to deploy models from development to production while keeping continiously feeding back the performance metrics.

Don't take our word for it

We have delivered solutions starting from a prototype to production. Our focused and innovative approach will help you overcome challanges that you experience in your transformation journey.

We helped build Lloyds Banking Group their strategic platform for Open Banking. With multiple challanges from hardware availability to software failures, our perseverance helped overcome every challange and deliver the solution on time.

We built a stragety, roadmap, architecture for a Threat Hunting Platform. With a MVP for we demonstrated various capabilities that the solution would bring to the organization such as integrating data in silos, enriching with inhouse intelligence, threat triage, anomaly detection using machine learning.

We build a model deployment strategy, architecture and solution building capability for the organization to build, train, deploy and monitor the machine learning models from development to production.

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